Schools have repeatedly been demonstrated to be an ideal place to provide counseling services to students to support social, emotional, and behavioral health, as well as the ability to cope with challenges.


Lotus is a Non Public Agency (NPA) certified by the California Department of Education as an approved ERMHS provider.


Our experienced professionals offer the following services:


  • 510 Individual Counseling

  • 515 Counseling & Guidance

  • 520 Parent Counseling

  • 525 Social Work Services

  • 530 Psychological Services

  • 535 Behavior Intervention Services


OUR SPECIALITY: Tele-therapy

We may not be the biggest, but we are the best! Lotus specializes in providing virtual counseling to schools that offer Online Education, Home School, Independent Study, Personalized Learning and Blended Learning Options.Tele-therapy is allowing us to reach students all over California, and is even more effective than in-person sessions for a lot of our students.
Our team of caring professionals have years of experience working with students and their families in a virtual setting, and they are able to successfully help their clients reach their social, emotional and behavioral goals.

OUR PROMISE: We embrace and celebrate neurodiversity!

Our focus is NOT on disorders, disability, dysfunction or disease. We use strength-based, positive psychology when working with our students, families and school staff, and focus more on building resiliency and resourcefulness, and less on correcting weaknesses, failures, or shortcomings. By educating everyone about the plasticity of the brain and how thoughts, feelings and behavior are all related and changeable, we encourage the development of a positive, growth mindset.  This allows our students to not only succeed in school, but also in life!

We have a current Master Contract with El Dorado County Charter SELPA, and are able to provide services to any schools affiliated with this SELPA.

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If you are in a crisis please call or text:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

 1-800-273-TALK (8255)


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