Lotus Educational Services, Inc.


A Word from Our Founder & Director, Marcia Ramstrom


We provide trainings, workshops, resources, and mental health services for educators, students, and families.


We provide trainings, workshops, resources, and mental health services for students, faculty, and staff.


We provide trainings, workshops, and resources to teach employees how to identify, understand, and respond to a variety of mental health conditions.


We provide presentations, workshops, support groups and more on a variety of topics related to mental health and wellbeing.

What People are Saying

This (ADULT MHFA) was a great training and I learned many new skills to use at work and in my personal life. Thank you Marcia!

Jeri Butler

Shasta County Senior Public Health Assistant

Marcia and her team of counselors have consistently provided our school with meaningful student [support].  Even though we were only able to have them on campus for limited times, I was able to collaborate with them whenever necessary.  They vested personally with both students and staff, and made a positive impact on our school’s culture.

Dean of Students

This course (YOUTH MHFA) helped me personally in my personal life and in my professional career in the school public safety and as a security officer working for the private sector.

School Resource Officer

Just like the lotus, we too have the ability to rise from the mud,
bloom out of the darkness, and radiate into the world.

If you are in crisis, please contact:

Free 24/7 Crisis Support

Text HOME to 741741


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-TALK (8255)