Lotus Educational Services, Inc.


 A child-centered, family-focused company made up of a team of professionals connecting the worlds of education and mental health.



Connecting schools and  students with IEPs to services provided by  caring clinicians.



Connecting educators and all of their students to school counselors who care!



Connecting those who want to know more with informative, evidence-based courses.


Our Mission & Vision

Lotus Educational Services, Inc. is California’s premier agency offering resources and services to students, families, schools and communities throughout the state.

Our mission is simple: Improve the lives of California’s children, adolescents and Transitional Age Youth (TAY), by offering programs and presentations designed to increase their protective factors (developmental assets) while decreasing their risk factors (Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs).


Just like the lotus,
we too have the ability
to rise from the mud,
bloom out of the darkness,
and radiate into the world.

A Word From

Our Founder and Director

“I truly believe that a child’s development of social, emotional and behavioral well-being is central to their overall health and happiness.  Mental health is not separate from physical health, and it demands more understanding and support than it currently gets.  My team and I embrace this demand and strive to educate those who work with youth while empowering the youth themselves to be all they are meant to be”

– Marcia Ramstrom



A team of professionals with one strong unifying purpose:

To make meaningful connections!

What People are Saying

"As an administrator supporting special education teachers in a K-12 virtual/independent study context, I can say that it is always a pleasure to work with Lotus' clinicians. They are active participants in IEP meetings, they write meaningful goals for students' needs in emotional regulation and social development, and they provide compassionate, evidence-based therapeutic interventions across the continuum of educationally-related mental health services ("ERMHS"). I look forward to our continued work together!

Lewis Bauer

Program Specialist, Inspire Charter Schools

"Marcia and her team of counselors have consistently provided our school with meaningful student supports.  Even though we were only able to have them on campus for limited times, I was able to collaborate with them whenever necessary.  They vested personally with both students and staff, and made a positive impact on our school’s culture.”

Dean of Students

"This (MHFA) was a great training and I learned many new skills to use at work and in my personal life. Thank you Marcia!"

Jeri Butler

Shasta County Senior Public Health Assistant

"I've been working with Lotus professionals in a variety of school settings over the last five years and have observed creative problem-solving in meeting schools' unique needs. More importantly, every member of the Lotus team has been personable, collaborative and professional, providing much appreciated, evidence-based supports to students and staff.”

School Psychologist

"Excellent information - I wish I could have had this training (safeTALK) much sooner.  I feel much more confident in dealing with these crisis situations & I feel confident in recognizing the ‘invitations’."

High School Teacher


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