Need an extra boost of positivity to get you through your day? Give one of these 15 mantras a try the next time you need help banishing negative thoughts.


Is turning to resilience training enough to combat the rising stress levels that teachers are experiencing?

“Teacher stress is growing, experts say, pushing educators out of classrooms and hurting learning. On top of chronic underfunding for education and the continued pressure of standardized tests, there’s also the unrelenting pace of newer education reforms.”

Teachers are under a lot of pressure to keep up with ever-changing reforms. The Hechinger Report offers some great insights on the positive impact of mindfulness training in the classroom as well as the underlying factors that are forcing teachers to leave the profession. Read their article here.

Why is it important to prepare for a mental health crisis?

“It can be very empowering to have a PAD as you retain some control over your treatment even in times of crisis. It also allows caregivers to ask about your preferences, which may lead to enhanced family relationships.”

Katherine Perone from NAMI experienced first hand what happens when you do not have a plan in place. She had no say in what decisions were being made around her and found the series of events rather traumatizing. Her experience made her search for a way to maintain some autonomy should she go through another crisis. She shares the different options she found as well as to build a plan of action with your primary caregiver. Read her article for all of her resources and advice.

How can you build compassionate communication in your older students?

“Developing a larger and more complex feeling vocabulary helps helps children and adolescents to better communicate with others about their internal states and personal experiences. A larger vocabulary also helps students interpret the feelings of others while developing a sense of empathy.”

The cornerstone of compassionate communication is having the right words to describe your feelings. Without this database, it is nearly impossible to have effective communication. Speech Paths created an article full of activities you can use to help develop this skill.

Which is stronger: Nature or Nurture?

Epigeneticist Moshe Szyf explores how your early life experiences impact the genes you are born with and which traits are developed throughout your life. Tune into his TedTalk as he observes this phenomenon in rodents and primates.


Resource of the Week

This week we are taking a look at Lives In Balance. This organization is focused on how to communicate with behaviorally challenging kids in more compassionate ways rather than reacting with power and control. They have a huge library of free research backed resources for your enjoyment!

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