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What are the best foods to eat to give your brain a boost?

“Research shows that the best brain foods are the same ones that protect your heart and blood vessel…”

Your brain is in charge of your every thought, feeling and action. As such, it is important to give it the support it needs to function at it’s best throughout your life. Harvard Health has put together a list of the best foods to maintain long term mental function.

Isn’t it interesting that some foods resemble the organs or systems of our bodies that they are good for? Check out these additional 3 articles to see more about this fascinating connection!

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What roll does addressing loneliness play in combating suicide?

“Reducing loneliness is one of the most direct ways we can tackle mental health challenges related to suicidal thoughts, including depression, hopelessness, anxiety and substance abuse.”

In this article, physician and public health expert Jeremy Nobel discusses the need to bring loneliness into the spotlight as well as ways we can reduce it through both community-based efforts and increased access to mental health services.

Have a teen that is struggling with depression?

“But depression is far more common in teens than you may think. The increased academic pressures, social challenges, and hormonal changes of the teenage years mean that about one in five of us suffer with depression in our teens.”

Help Guide has put together a wonderful resource for your child. It outlines common symptoms attributed to teen depression and the steps they can take to help manage it. There is even a section on what to look for if they think a friend might be depressed.

How can you cultivate a happy and fulfilling life?

Psychiatrist Robert Waldinger has conducted the world’s longest study on happiness. He composed a 75-year long study on adult development. He shares 3 important lessons and offers advice on how to build a more fulfilling life in this entertaining and enlightening TedTalk.


Resource of the Week

Check out this 10 day compassion challenge to start your new year off right! Each day features a new challenge designed to spread more compassion and the additional talks combine the wisdom of 10 different social leaders. This challenge starts January 21st and is free to register.
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